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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Network Marketing - How Is Zeek Rewards Sustainable?

So if you are considering Zeek Rewards as a home based business I congratulate you on your work from home endeavor. This article is aimed at those who are considering Zeek Rewards and are faintly familiar with the compensation and rewards plan. I will give a brief overview of the compensation plan and provide insight to whether or not Zeek Rewards is indefinitely sustainable. For starters, Zeek Rewards is a profit sharing business model. The affiliates are paid to advertise for Zeekler's penny auction website. The affiliates are rewarded daily for the amount of VIP points that they have. So, what exactly does this all mean? As a Zeek Rewards affiliate, your goal is to advertise for the penny auction website by placing 1 ad a day and providing proof of that to the company. At the end of the business day, which is around 5pm EST, you will be rewarded based on the amount of VIP points you have as a Zeek Rewards affiliate. The whole system is a point based system. Another responsibility as a Zeek Rewards affiliate is to buy sample bids for the penny auctions, and then to give them away as free samples. As you give them away, you earn VIP points. The more VIP points you have equals the higher the daily reward. The company tallies all sales at the end of each day and then 50% of the profit goes to the company and the other 50% is then paid out to all affiliates who have posted their ad that day. This is a daily occurrence and it's imperative to post your ad daily. The 50% that goes to qualified affiliates, those who have posted their daily ad, is then paid out and the amount is determined on the amount of VIP points that each affiliate has. The company takes the amount of money that is designated for the affiliates and then divides that by the current VIP point total of all affiliates who have posted their daily ad and then comes up with a percentage. That percentage usually falls between .5-2%. Whatever that percentage is determines how much you will get rewarded for that day. Say your VIP point balance is 10,000 and the current daily payout percentage is 1.4% that means you will get 10,000 x 1.4% which equals $140. You can take the whole $140 and cash it out, use it to buy more sample bids, or use it for a combination of both. It's highly recommended you roll 80% back into the company and cash out 20% for maximum growth on both ends. In a nutshell, yes Zeek Rewards is indefinitely sustainable because the payouts are from daily profits from that day. Zeek Rewards is a debt free company and is not an investment of any kind! Your job is to advertise the penny auctions. The more people visiting the penny auctions means the better the whole business is doing as a whole which equals a happy company, affiliates, and bidders! Are you considering a home based business that takes 5 min a day, easily duplicated, task driven, and can be written off on your taxes? If so check out

Friday, 11 May 2012

Network Marketing - How to Build Your Zeek Rewards Business Fast?

If you have joined Zeek Rewards, then I have to say congratulations! So now the question is, how do you build your business extremely fast? Zeek Rewards is a business which pays you to advertise their online penny auctions. Most people would think that they need to sponsor a bunch of people underneath them first in order to make money. In all actuality, if you sponsor a bunch of people first and not get customers that in the end is not sustainable. A true pyramid scheme is all about recruiting distributors rather than customers and not having a legit product, with Zeek Rewards the product is bids to the online penny auctions. Zeek Rewards is all about driving traffic to their online penny auction website. As a Zeek affiliate, your main goal is to purchase as many sample bids as you can and give them away. You want as many people as you can to register through your link to get free bids. Your main focus should not be on trying to recruit people to do the business. Your main focus should be to get as many free bids as you can and give them to people. Three steps to success in Zeek Rewards The first thing you should be trying to do is to purchase as many sample bids as you can. Most people aren't looking to join a home based business. Most people would, however, like some free samples. So instead of trying to recruit as many people as you can talk to, try to give them some free bids to the online penny auctions. The second step is giving as many bids as you can. Family, friends, social media, and posting ads are the best possible ways to accomplish this. I would also make some flyers and pass them out around town as well. No one will pass up something that they could possibly get for free. Most people, however, would pass up "work at home" and "business opportunities." The third step is actually the most important. The third step is to post your daily ad and submit it to your back office. That is why and how you are getting paid. If you don't post your daily ad, then you won't get paid your daily rewards. Success in Zeek Rewards If you do the three aforementioned steps, then you will succeed in Zeek Rewards. You will see your daily VIP points balance grow and your income is simply based on the total amount. Also make sure you repurchase amount is set to 80/20. That means 80% of your daily rewards is going back into the business and you are taking home 20% of your income. Are you considering a home based business that's task driven, compounds your money daily, and has a 99% retention rate? If so check out or Article Source:

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Zeek Rewards Review - Legit Biz Or Total Hoax? Here Are The Facts

Zeek Rewards - The Company Zeek Rewards, is a fairly new MLM company that is an offshoot of the penny auction site known as Zeekler. Both Zeekler and Zeek Rewards are owned by Rex Venture Group, LLC which was founded in 1997 and has it's headquarters in Lexington, North Carolina. Paul Burks is the head of this company and brings with him experience and credibility. He has over 10 years experience in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry. Mr. Burks' other company, Free Store Club attracted over 3 million independent representatives and customers in over 171 countries and is still doing business today. Zeek Rewards launched in January of 2011, has shown solid growth and is a debt free company. Since January 2011, ZeekRewards has unprecedented growth and the company is solid, stable, debt-free and healthy. Zeek Rewards - The Products Zeek Rewards is an exclusive affiliate marketing subsidiary for it's parent company Zeekler. Reps have the ability to earn "rewards" on every retail bid they sell and every "VIP Bid" they buy and give away to others. Zeekler operates as a "penny auction site", which is a fairly new trend that has been picking up a lot of momentum. Bidders can bid on retail products and have been reported to save up to 90% off of the retail prices one might pay at a store. Once a bid has been made, the price of the item being bid on goes up by one penny, hence the name "penny auction". For every bid, the timer on the auction product increases by 20 seconds to allow competing bidders to bid. When no one else bids, the last bidder wins the item. Zeek Rewards - The Comp Plan Now on to the million dollar question: is it possible to make money with zeek rewards? At the end of each business day, the company evaluates the overall production and income that is generated. This includes auction sales, product sales, affiliate renewals, bid sales and other income production and divides them among qualified affiliates. The Compensation Plan is a 2 x 5 matrix. In a matrix, your upline can place people underneath you, which is great for creating momentum and accumulating volume. There is also a Retail Profit Pool that distributes up to 50% of the company's daily profits among the qualified affiliates. To be 'qualified', you must currently be at the rank of Silver or above and you must have purchased a minimum of 10 VIP bids. The Retail Profit Pool pays out between 0.5% to 2%. There are 6 ways to profit with the comp plan: •ZAP Commissions: 20% on personal customer's retail bid pack purchases •Retail Store: Money made on the sale of items in your retail store. No inventory, just promote your link and earn monthly checks on any purchases made in your retail store. •Retail Profit Pool: If qualified, you earn rewards through a profit share program as long as you submit one free ad per day. You can also earn up to 10% on every VIP bid bought by any of your directly sponsored affiliates and a 2nd level commission of up to 5% of their personally sponsored affiliate purchases. •Retail Subscription Profits: 20% monthly retail profit on all sales by personally sponsored affiliates. The 20% is based on the monthly subscription price. This 20% takes precedence over other matrix commissions as follows and NOT in addition to it. •Shopping Daisy(coming soon): Earn affiliate commissions on various shopping programs by giving away the application for free. •The Matrix: Earn a residual income of up to $3.50/month for every paid subscriber in your personal 25 matrix along with a healthy matching bonus in unlimited depth. Should You Join Zeek Rewards? Zeek Rewards appears to be a solid mlm opportunity and is not a scam. It has a solid parent company, a reputable track record, great corporate leadership and a fair com[ plan. Although all these things are good to have in place, it does not guarantee you will have success. At the end of the day, your success will come down to your ability to produce sales, market properly, attract new affiliates to your team, and properly duplicate your efforts. I HIGHLY recommend using a proven Attraction Marketing System to have an endless amount of people to expose to your business. Want to Create an Unstoppable Zeek Rewards Business?if so visit

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

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Monday, 19 March 2012

10 Free Marketing Strategies - That Cost Virtually Nothing

1 - Reduce your advertising and marketing budget by 50%. This obviously seems a bold statement BUT the truth is that more than likely 20% of your budget accounts for 80% of your return on investment. If you're using 5 different channels of advertising and marketing then statistically 2 of those channels are dominating your results, so dump the other 3. Alternately we can use the money that we save on looking into new avenues for internet marketing. Be sure to speak with your media advertiser and ask/demand a discount, in this unstable economy they are very likely to give you a large discount.

2 - Public relations - PR. As we know, most people believe what they read in the papers, see on TV and hear on the Radio so if we can expertly position ourselves where we are able to incorporate these aspects then 'technically' we are considered an expert. For example you could write a small article or column for your local newspaper, most local newspapers are in need of good quality content. Most local newspapers are able to afford freelance writers so are very likely to welcome your input.

3 - Upselling. Many business owners are cautious about asking their customer to buy more. The idea that they have purchased anyway seems to most owners acceptable, but true success and momentum comes from selling the customer add-ons and 'up-graded' versions of the same product. If you sell a car, the idea is to also sell the alloy wheels, air-conditioning, the cleansing products etc. Remember - if you don't ask, you don't get.

4 - Know your customers. And I mean personally. Contact your top 20 customers and ask to meet, buy them a coffee or lunch and have a chat. We are not trying to sell them anything but we are going to ask them for referrals and to tell their friends about us. Now this may seem over the top and not something that is usual practice BUT remember, we are trying to defy the norm here - if no one else is doing this then it is the perfect reason for us to do it. Knowing your customers is one of the best free marketing strategies that one can do.

5 - Networking. Go to where your target market or synergistic businesses socialise and do business. I'm not on about spending money on joining a Networking Club or a Business Coffee Afternoon but anywhere they are, you should be too. Networking is an incredibly powerful business growth strategy that can take your business to the next level and the greatest thing about it cost's nothing.

6 - Public Speaking. Now, for the more timid individual out there this may seem like a complete no go, but this must not be overlooked. Anytime you get the opportunity to speak in front of a large crowd - really what you're doing is Marketing. Along our business success journey we will encounter many opportunities to speak in public - we must stay aware of these and grab them with both hands. Are you still going to be shy when you realize it may make you 20K in sales?

7 - Sales skills. One thing that no one can ever take away from us is knowledge. We can never have enough knowledge. Read, read, read, learn, learn, learn. There are tons of books out there that will give you the extra skills needed to make even more sales. Becoming a great salesman will be the difference between a mediocre business and a very successful business. Books are relatively cheap, or you can go to the library - but we must learn as much as we can about selling. We must always be prepared to heavily invest in ourselves.

8 - Emails. Emails are FREE and an incredible way to contact and to stay in contact with our customers. If you are not emailing your customers at least once a week then you are not clearing up the money that is being left behind. At least once a week may seem excessive but remember that they don't (and shouldn't) be sales emails. Email them news, info, promotions something that will make them smile and that they can use. Trust me they will love it and it is one of the best free marketing strategies out there - as long as your not hard selling...all of the time!

9 - Joint ventures. What I'm referring to is non-competitive businesses that share the same customer. Lets say that you are in the Pet/animal industry & sell Pet grooming products. Now if you where to refer some off your customers to the local veterinarians then more than likely they will allow you to put some promotional material in their waiting room. You are both in the same industry with the same customer BUT you are not competing for the same customer. Be clever and work together.

10 - Internet Marketing. Become an expert in Online Marketing. Understand that there are thousands of ways to reach and attract new customers for free, via the internet. Research into this and become an expert to really take your business to the next level. There are also hundreds of thousands of sites that will teach you and give you all the tools and information needed including this site ;-) to become at expert in Online Marketing.

I hope you can make good use of these 10 Free Marketing Strategies.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Affiliate Marketing Guides - How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Guide Scams

Okay, so if you are in the internet and affiliate marketing business, you have probably bought several
"How to make $1000 a day" guides in order to increase your profits.
Like me, you have probably discovered that the majority of the ebooks like this are scams or they are outdated and
don't provide you with the information you need. Quite frankly, I'm a little disturbed by the plethora of useless
ebooks out there on the topic.

Affiliate marketing guides come in two forms: those that provide useful information and those that are simply scams targeted towards affiliate marketers that are desperate to find a way to sell their affiliate products and save their failing campaigns.

The fact is, affiliate marketing is a business and it needs to be treated like a business in order to be successful in the long run. Most guides that are scams are those that promise you'll start making money the first day you put their techniques to use. Honestly, I haven't found a single guide that fulfills this promise. However, it doesn't mean that these types of guides don't have a little truth to them. Many of the techniques they provide work in conjunction with other more reliable techniques so purchasing these guides is not always without some benefit if you have already taken the steps to create your business.

The most useful guides are those that help you set up your business by providing information on how to set up your business, good advertising techniques that don't rely on violating your terms of service or false advertisement of your product. So far the only guide that I have found that does this is the Super Affiliate Handbook.

The benefit of the Super Affiliate Handbook is that it is a business model and not a get rich quick guide. The Super Affiliate Handbook takes you from the basics of understanding what it means to be an affiliate marketer, to setting up a full fledged affiliate marketing business. One thing the guide will not tell you is that you will make money starting today and it should really be treated as an affiliate business guide to help you create your affiliate business.

In order to avoid the affiliate marketing guide scams, there are three issues to pay close attention to before buying:

Avoid the Hype

Most affiliate marketing guides that are simply scams have a lot of hype surrounding them. What I have found is that a guide that is really a scam gets a lot of hype and the techniques affiliate marketers use to sell the guide are rather false and misleading. One guide that I feel exemplifies this is Affiliate Project X because it encourages misleading the consumer and violating the terms of service of most affiliate programs.

Avoid False Promises

The second aspect to pay attention to is the promises the guide makes. As in all scams, if the promises sound too good to be true, they probably are. Don't be tempted by these false promises because as with all scams they will most likely end up costing you money in the long run.

Avoid Reactionary Guides

Guides that are reactionary in nature are those that respond to a change in the search engine algorithms either in the organic search or advertising algorithms. This guides usually provide some immediate information to those affected by these changes in such a way that their business is shut down. Those that run are truly running a business usually don't need to rely on these guides in order to continue business because they are not relying on schemes to begin with.

The bottom line is that if you set up your affiliate marketing business as a true business and work to make it grow by using good business strategies rather than relying on schemes, the potential for your business to profit increases.

For more articles on affiliate marketing tips and resources, go to

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Monday, 6 February 2012

How to Fill Out Surveys for Money

Common mis-and-ill-conceived statements you will hear are; "all survey sites are scams.", "you can not make a living from taking surveys" or similar. As a direct statement from me to you, you can fill out surveys for money, you can make a living from taking surveys and .there are many surveys that pay you. The unfortunate restriction is that a single survey site will not make you rich.

So how do you get paid for completing surveys?

The system for making money from surveys is a simple one, but as usual the theory is easy to understand. Putting it into practice is time consuming and only those who persevere and follow these steps can actually make money online.

Step One. - Find a site that delivers paid surveys worldwide or even just local to you (US/UK/CA/AU/EU whatever).

Step Two. - Start completing the surveys sent.

This is where 99% of people stop and is why they never make enough money

Here is the Secret on How to Really Fill Out Surveys For Money

Okay, so if your one of the 99%. and have completed step two you are probably thinking that clearly surveys that pay you are scams. However, here is the basic mathematics of the problem which is key to success:

The Mathematics of Surveys Explained

If you sign up to one survey site, this survey site will usually have a cap on how much money you need to make before they will send you a check (cheque). The reason for this is mainly due to the administration of paying people. If everyone wanted the money sent at $1 then the company would be flooded morning, noon and night.

That said. because the company does not want to get stuck in all the paperwork from the above scenario they create higher and higher limits before you can request payment. Usually the payment threshold for surveys that pay you is around $20 sometimes more, sometime less.

Each survey will usually pay around $1 to $5 those that state they pay more.... Well they are lying, the chances of getting a survey that well paid and then the company actually deciding to pass on that much when they could pocket the commission is highly unlikely (that's business).

This means you will need to do 20 surveys, which obviously there is not a bank of 20 surveys available, usually you will get 2-3 surveys a week. Taking you around 2 months to make $20. However, that is not two months of work filling out surveys for money. If you counted all the time taken filling in surveys you would actually be on about $10 per hour. or more... it's just that you work in tiny 5 min intervals. .

People who don't understand this are the ones who call surveys that pay you scams.

So how do I beat the system?

Rather than signing up and filling out surveys for money hoping to become rich you need to join numerous survey sites. In fact you need to join at least 10 or 20 the more you join the more money you will make.

This is where the maths comes back in, read each statement below: .

• If you work 15 mins a week and make $10 a month from one survey site then:
• Sign up to 12 surveys sites, work for 3 hours a week and make $120 a month
• Sign up to 24 survey sites, work 6 hours a week and make $240 a month
• Sign up to 48 survey sites (now that's a difficult number of legit sites to find) and earn $480 a month for working 12 hours a week! .

If it's that easy why doesn't everyone do it? .

The simple fact is that spending that much time finding that amount of survey sites is going to take you weeks or months. Because of this people simply give up at the start or think that one survey site will make them rich for simply filling out surveys that pay.

This is where portal sites step in: .

Portal sites are sites are effectively doorways to legitimate survey sites. These doorway sites will always charge a membership fee (because that's how they pay their employees) and in return you .gain instant access to 50 or so survey sites in your country. you can join.

Note you are not paying them to take surveys that they send you. You are paying them to gain access to their list of partner sites which are checked, reviewed and are held to be paying survey sites..

Working with portal sites will cut down your search time from weeks to mere hours. However you can do all the work yourself and actually make real money taking surveys.

As you can tell there is a lot of research involved in filtering out the bad sites and the poorly organised sites in order to find the top paying survey sites. It is for this reason I would recommend using a membership site that has done the hard work for you.

The best survey portal site I have found is Surveys That Pay You.

Check out the Surveys That Pay You FAQ for some additional information about survey site in general.

(c) Copyright - Tyrone Campbell. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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