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Monday, 6 February 2012

How to Fill Out Surveys for Money

Common mis-and-ill-conceived statements you will hear are; "all survey sites are scams.", "you can not make a living from taking surveys" or similar. As a direct statement from me to you, you can fill out surveys for money, you can make a living from taking surveys and .there are many surveys that pay you. The unfortunate restriction is that a single survey site will not make you rich.

So how do you get paid for completing surveys?

The system for making money from surveys is a simple one, but as usual the theory is easy to understand. Putting it into practice is time consuming and only those who persevere and follow these steps can actually make money online.

Step One. - Find a site that delivers paid surveys worldwide or even just local to you (US/UK/CA/AU/EU whatever).

Step Two. - Start completing the surveys sent.

This is where 99% of people stop and is why they never make enough money

Here is the Secret on How to Really Fill Out Surveys For Money

Okay, so if your one of the 99%. and have completed step two you are probably thinking that clearly surveys that pay you are scams. However, here is the basic mathematics of the problem which is key to success:

The Mathematics of Surveys Explained

If you sign up to one survey site, this survey site will usually have a cap on how much money you need to make before they will send you a check (cheque). The reason for this is mainly due to the administration of paying people. If everyone wanted the money sent at $1 then the company would be flooded morning, noon and night.

That said. because the company does not want to get stuck in all the paperwork from the above scenario they create higher and higher limits before you can request payment. Usually the payment threshold for surveys that pay you is around $20 sometimes more, sometime less.

Each survey will usually pay around $1 to $5 those that state they pay more.... Well they are lying, the chances of getting a survey that well paid and then the company actually deciding to pass on that much when they could pocket the commission is highly unlikely (that's business).

This means you will need to do 20 surveys, which obviously there is not a bank of 20 surveys available, usually you will get 2-3 surveys a week. Taking you around 2 months to make $20. However, that is not two months of work filling out surveys for money. If you counted all the time taken filling in surveys you would actually be on about $10 per hour. or more... it's just that you work in tiny 5 min intervals. .

People who don't understand this are the ones who call surveys that pay you scams.

So how do I beat the system?

Rather than signing up and filling out surveys for money hoping to become rich you need to join numerous survey sites. In fact you need to join at least 10 or 20 the more you join the more money you will make.

This is where the maths comes back in, read each statement below: .

• If you work 15 mins a week and make $10 a month from one survey site then:
• Sign up to 12 surveys sites, work for 3 hours a week and make $120 a month
• Sign up to 24 survey sites, work 6 hours a week and make $240 a month
• Sign up to 48 survey sites (now that's a difficult number of legit sites to find) and earn $480 a month for working 12 hours a week! .

If it's that easy why doesn't everyone do it? .

The simple fact is that spending that much time finding that amount of survey sites is going to take you weeks or months. Because of this people simply give up at the start or think that one survey site will make them rich for simply filling out surveys that pay.

This is where portal sites step in: .

Portal sites are sites are effectively doorways to legitimate survey sites. These doorway sites will always charge a membership fee (because that's how they pay their employees) and in return you .gain instant access to 50 or so survey sites in your country. you can join.

Note you are not paying them to take surveys that they send you. You are paying them to gain access to their list of partner sites which are checked, reviewed and are held to be paying survey sites..

Working with portal sites will cut down your search time from weeks to mere hours. However you can do all the work yourself and actually make real money taking surveys.

As you can tell there is a lot of research involved in filtering out the bad sites and the poorly organised sites in order to find the top paying survey sites. It is for this reason I would recommend using a membership site that has done the hard work for you.

The best survey portal site I have found is Surveys That Pay You.

Check out the Surveys That Pay You FAQ for some additional information about survey site in general.

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  1. Nice post Andy! As someone who is also "in the 1%" of those that KEPT GOING with paid surveys I can say that it DOES work if you stick with it.

    Although, as I always tell people at, there is cap on how much you can make with surveys.

    Luckily, your blog covers a lot of these other methods.


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